Mock Tests

Body systems mock test
Bones mock test
Muscles mock test
Bones and Muscles mock test
Living and Non-living things mock test
Needs of plants mock test
Plants mock test
Plant Kingdom mock test
Animal Kingdom mock test 
Invertebrates mock test
Vertebrates mock test
Ecosystems mock test
Human body mock test I. Interaction.
Human body mock test II. Nutrition.
Human body mock test III. Reproduction.
Health mock test. New!
Materials mock test
Matter mock test
Machines mock test

Unit 1: Animal groups

  • Living Things: Organization, Classification and Life Processes

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Unit 2: Plants

Unit 3: Ecosystems

Unit 4: How does the human body work?

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Unit 5: Health

Unit 6: Matter and energy

Unit 7: Heat, Light and Sound

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Unit 8: Machines