The policy of our school is to improve the relationships of the educative community, our environment and an open communication based on respect for diversity.

We have ongoing projects to help all our pupils to feel integrated in the society and offset the social differences.

The aim to improve our physical and social environment converges in the programmes we develop.

We try to apply inclusive teaching taking into account the multiple learning styles of our students with the project: Jóvenes con ideas (kids with ideas), besides an inclusive structure of support to students with difficulties.

One of the oldest projects is related to the promotion of reading skills, using the library as the thrust to fulfill it.

Since 2009 we apply CLIL teaching, using, nowadays, English language to teach Natural Science. Extending the use of a second language provides a wider range of opportunities to our students to know other realities.

ICT project is especially addressed to develop computer competences in this field of knowledge; we have started a close collaboration with the University of Oviedo to apply Augmented Reality to Science, both Social and Natural. We incorporate these competences to the learning of curricular subjects.

We try to extend our action line to improve our physical and social environment. Knowing other cultures helps us, pupils, families and teachers, to respect diversity.