I had a great time working as a storyteller this morning at Lugo de Llanera’s primary school. The kids there were wonderful not only in terms of their use of English, which was above average, but their interest and enthusiasm as well. Thanks for making my day!!!!

Mary Curras, Storyteller (USA)

¡Una experiencia maravillosa! I was lucky to be sent in Lugo de Llanera. I learned a lot about teaching but also about communication and professionalism, about how important and responsible the work with children is. I also learned how easy is to work in a friendly atmosphere and how mixing different cultures could be so positive and beneficial for everybody. I took part in all the school activities like theatre, school trips, celebrations, the library and I enjoyed all! I had a great time in Lugo and in Asturias. I miss everything – the kids, my tutors and colleagues. I wish them all the best! They deserve it!

Flanena, Clamena, Flame… (Teacher Plamena)