Lugo de Llanera Primary school opened in 1975 with the aim of providing early years foundation stage and primary education to all the children from the small town of Lugo de Llanera as well as the villages around.

It is a state-funded educational institution depending entirely from the Education and Culture Administration of the Government of the Principality of Asturias.

It is a fairly large co-educational school with around 500 students supported by 44 staff.

We’ve got a vibrant and strong learning community where children thrive.
We encourage our students to fully develop all their personal skills, organizing and planning projects, activities, environment and materials to achieve it.

Educational stages

We offer early years foundation stage (ages 3-5) and primary education (ages 6-11).

Term dates and calendar

The academic calendar begins on the first days of September and finishes on the last days of June. The academic activity is divided into three terms:

First term: from September to December (Christmas)
Second term: from January to March (Easter)
Third term: from April to June (Summer)

There are three holiday periods: Christmas, Easter and Summer. Summer holidays begin on the last days of June and end on the first days of September.