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Propuesta de tareas para Science.

Science Task. From June 8th to June 12th

Science Task. From May 25th to June 02nd

Temporalización del 11 al 22 de mayo

Science task. April 20th-24th

From the Science subject we ask you to do one of the experiments attached to this mail. You only have to choose one of them, complete the document with different questions following the scientific method and send us the answers and also a video or a photograph of your experience making the experiment. Please send us the answers and the image or video to the folder in Teams or if you cannot do that send them to your science teacher’s email address.
If you are not able to do any experiment because you do not have any of the materials please tell your teacher beforehand. Enjoy it!!

Science task: March 30th-April3rd

También puedes repasar los temas que ya has visto 

Natural Science Year 6

Unit 1: The nervous system

Unit 2: Locomotor system

Unit 3: Reproduction

Unit 4: Organization of living things

Unit 5: Classification of living things

Unit 6: Fungi

Unit 7: Energy and changes of matter

Unit 8: Electricity and magnetism