Science is cool! Here are easy science experiments for kids to learn all about the world around us.

Protect That BRAIN!: Mr. Egghead

The aim of this investigation is to demonstrate the importance of CSF to protect the brain.

Mr. Egghead

The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) has several functions. One of these functions is to protect the brain from concussions. To demonstrate how this works, we need to bring in «Mr. Egghead.» Mr. Egghead is a raw egg with drawn-on face. The inside of the egg represents the brain and the egg shell represents the pia mater.

Mr. Egghead Worksheet [pdf]

The Blind Spot

The aim of this investigation is to demonstrate that there is an area where the optic nerve leaves the eye that is called a blind spot because it doesn’t respond to light.

The blind spot

Thanks to our nervous system, sense organs and locomotor system, we are able to interact with our environment. Our sense organs detect information from the environment and our sensory neurons transmit this information to our brain.

The blind spot worksheet [pdf]

Which one is my dominant side?

When one side of body is consistently used more than the other side, and is more skilled at tasks than the other side, then that side is considered to be the dominant side.

The dominant side

Which hand do you write with? Which foot do you kick with? Do you have a dominant eye? Is your right eye dominant or is it your left? Left footed or right footed? Are you left handed or right handed? Do you throw with one side of your body but kick with the other? Are you ambidextrous? So what side do you favour?

Dominant side worksheet [docx]
Dominant side presentation [pptx]